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Im wondering why Zwift doesnt offer a climb-only Route in Watopia? Mountain, Mountain 8 and the Alpe all have about 3-mile flat run-ins. With time constraints in life, Id love to have a route that just starts out climbing - say like Ven-Top in France… thoughts?

Pick Road to Sky and immediately do a U-turn up the reverse Epic KOM.


You don’t want to have a bit of a warm up before you start climbing???


@Dave_ZPCMR Does that still work? I tried it and instead of the mountain it sent me on the new cutoff road. I went back and forth several times trying to turn up the mountain with no luck.

Note a couple of updates have come out since I tried.

Good question, I didn’t realise they’d potentially mucked up the manual navigation there.

Maybe it works if you click the “wrong” turn button? They do seem to have reversed several turn buttons for the new Watopia roads.

I haven’t tried it myself, just wondering.

What is the “wrong” U Turn button?

I was referring to the manual left/right/straight turn buttons. Not the U-turn button.

I was wondering whether the fact some of these seem to have been mapped the wrong way around for the newest junctions in Watopia, meant that perhaps after doing a U-turn to head towards the Epic KOM you needed to press the “wrong” turn button out of the two options to get onto the correct Epic KOM road.

This was promoted by the earlier poster saying that he couldn’t seem to turn onto the correct road.

@Steve_Hammatt You mean go left instead of right?? And then do a U-turn? Next time I am noodling about I can try. But talk about finding that Easter Egg!

Where are the manual left/ right/ straight buttons - on Companion?

Just tried it - Road to Sky - normal U Turn in Companion and it put me on the Mountain 8 Route. .3 mile before the hill. Havent actually ridden up yet, but so far - just what I wanted!!!

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Tested it tonight and you’re bang on. When the options pop up you have to press the left arrow to select the right-hand option (for the Epic KOM). Amazing.

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@Jim_Mattson found this out a few months ago

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Yeah I remember seeing that. :+1: