Watopia (and London) Pre-Set Courses for Everesting

I was hoping Zwift would add maybe a course (adding automatic u-turn points at the top and bottom) specifically for people who are trying Everesting or going for the TRON bike.  For me, it would be nice to be able to just focus on the task at hand without pressing my greasy sweaty hands on the iOS app just to do a u-turn over and over.  Thanks

Arguably they do this already. When I was on about 80% for the Tron bike I just did the 3 Sisters route every day on Watopia until I had it. (Course hack when it was London or Richmond).

I think just riding up and down the radio mast road just to get the Tron bike is a bit unethical and against the spirit of having to put in some serious time to get it.

I do U turns / course changes on my keyboard rather than using ZML. Much easier. Got the keyboard on an extension cable on a table next to me that also has my drink bottles etc on.