Pre-determine route directions - New thread

(Matt Canna) #1

The ability to set a pre defined course.  Where you select course selection it will have options like “User choice 1”, “User choice 2” and so on.  Where you don’t have to worry about turning at the turn points and add the u turn option as well for example see below.

So you want to steep side hill repeats-mountatin

  1. First turn left
  2. second turn straight
  3. third turn left
  4. when reach the tower U turn
  5. when reach the next turn point u turn
  6. Repeat 4 and 5 until you say stop

So you want to small long hill repeats

  1. left turn
  2. straight
  3. straight
  4. right
  5. right
  6. repeat 2 to 5 until you end ride.



(Andrew Jarrod) #2

Effectively this means a GUI course plan editor, but is a great idea.

Many of us (for example) want to ride the front of the mountian but then not do the back, this means chosing an option not quite right and then using manual controls all the time once we wish to divert from the chosen route.  If you miss a turn it’s a pain in the back side…  :-)

(. TomH..) #3

Hi Matt, 

Thanks a lot for your suggestions, I’ll add them on the request list and will see if other people will vote it up so we can put it onto our radar. 

In meantime stay tuned and Ride On!

(Rich Lavigne *Crank Addicts*) #4

I think its a great idea!

(Phil Tillotson) #5

Good idea! Has Zwift been ‘everested’ yet?

(Scott) #6

Phil - yep - three times in fact!