You need a way to change the course mid ride without getting off the bike and restarting

What a frustrating ride this morning. People didn’t like the london loop so we worked our way to classique. Prepared to do the turn by turn thing. Except when 3 choices came up and we didn’t know the magic sequence to pick the middle. Only left or right.

What a PITA. We need to be able to pick the course mid ride, and let zwift take us back. You can keep all the wave, and elbow flicks. Yoohoos. No one cares about them. Just give us the magic Classique Button, when I decide that I don’t want to ride up Box hill again. 

Ending the ride, getting off the bike and restarting is a clumsy way to do it.


Agree, was just going to post similar. Tomorrow I hope to do a 100 mile ride, I want to start on the flat course to get some easy early miles in and then change for a while to the figure 8 for a few threshold efforts as well as for variety.

Yesterday I was in London course and did a circuit of box hill and then wanted to stay flat.

Yes we can keep hitting buttons but that is a PITA and also it is easy to miss it, surely it is not difficult to implement the option to swap routes mid ride without starting over?

Thank you

I support this request! Will really be a step forward.