Mid Ride Auto Route Change

I would like to have the ability to change my route mid-ride, without having to manually select each turn every time I come to it. At log-in we are given the choice of which route to ride, however during some rides you might change your mind and decide to ride another route. As it is now you can only do that by selecting each turn manually when you come to it, which can get aggravating after a while. This is a request that I am even more interested in after riding the new “Greatest London Flat” route the other day: for some reason Zwift only sends you around the route once … and then sends you into the Surrey Hills, which are anything but flat. I spent the rest of my ride having to reach over to my laptop to change directions ever time a turn came up.

I too noticed the issue with Greatest London Flat when you try and do multiple laps.  First lap is fine but then it turns you early into the hills and tries to take you up Box hill.