Changing route mid-ride (auto follow)

So you can select a route at the start of a ride and it’ll auto-follow the correct route. But then if you make an unscheduled turn in the middle of a route, you just keep riding randomly without following a defined route. You should be able to change the route mid-ride (to any routes that use the road/track you are currently on) and have your avatar auto follow the new route.

Your half correct.
Yes you can change a route you selected, by changing route at a junction.
However, once you have done this, you don’t have any other routes to follow, as many routes use the same roads.
Therefore, Zwift does not know which route you want to use.
Hence it remains up to you to select your route and ride it.
At this time it’s not possible for you to change a route mid ride and automatically follow another route in full.

Yeah, I understand what is possible now - that’s why I’ve put this in the feature requests forum.

What I’m suggesting is some sort of drop down menu option in the game screen that gives you other route options to auto-follow. So say you’re on a section of road that 10 routes use, then at any point on that road (before the next turn choice), you can select a different route and it will auto-follow that one instead of the one you pickled at the start of the ride.

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