Start and End Workouts mid-ride

I think it would be beneficial to be able to ride around a bit before starting a workout without having to restart the game. For example I rode around with a friend for the first 20 min the other day to start my ride, then he had to go. I would have liked to do some SST without having to restart my ride, and upload two different ride files and what not. 

Same thing if you start a workout and its not what you want or are just not feeling it, to be able to end it and just free ride or select another without ending the ride completely. 

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Absolutely - makes no sense to have to bomb out of the app and relaunch it just to change workout

Agree with your first point.

If you start a workout and then want to quit, you can either press TAB to skip through the blocks to the end, or press E to open the Workout screen.

The last time I tried to end a workout, using the mobile link it wouldn’t let me skip the blocks, I would click the next button but nothing would happen. I didn’t try and use the keyboard, I’ll keep this in mind, Thanks. 

Simon, thanks for that TAB tip. I hadn’t any idea you could skip the blocks. I’ve been having some issues with Zwift crashing on me in the middle of a workout, forcing me each time to restart the laptop. This gives me a little peace of mind to know I can restart the workout and get continue where I left off.

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I agree. It should just go back to main selection page after you finish a ride rather then quite. Maybe there could be a workout hotkey to change mid ride. Like “w”.


Yes please.  Sometimes I have to restart the program multiple times to get the correct combination of route/workout.   Being able to change these on the fly would be very nice.

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