Changing from Workout to Just Ride without ending ride

Hi folks,

I’m completely new to to Zwift so please bear with me. Tried to find a Q&A for newbies where this Q was asked but couldn’t.

Ok so - I’m pretty obsessed with my Strava times and I find it really annoying that I can’t stay in the same ride when doing several different workouts in a row with Swift.

For example I want to start off with a Zwift-made Workout (for example intervals) and then when it ends, or even before it ends if I get tired of it, changing to Just Ride and just do something at my own pace for an additional period of time.
If I change, I have to end the ride and it creates two different rides in Strava, instead of just keep going in one ride.

Answers on how to do that would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Christopher_Sander welcome to the forum.

You don’t have to end the ride once you are done ot tired of the workout, just skip the remaining intervals and you will be in a free ride on the route you chose for the workout.

What device are you using?

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated!

I use a kickr core.

How do I skip intervals in a workout?
And will I be free ride for as long as I want to then, eg can I do infinite laps?

What if I wanted to do another workout without finishing the ride - is that possible?

Thanks again for your help!

You can use the companion app, that is probably the easiest way, or the on screen controls.


Yes, go into the menu and choose the workout, there are also keyboard shortcuts if you are on a PC. Press the E key to access the workout menu.


you can also use the TAB key if you have a keyboard handy.

I have a long workout with many segments and just bail out when i’ve had enough, to avoid having to skip through loads of segments I have a different workout saved that has just one segment, load that then just skip that one segment.


Thanks so much for the answers all!!