Continuing to Zwift without restarting

I would like to be able to go from “watch mode” into a ride without restarting Zwift every time. Or from a ride to workout or vice versa

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Great idea. Make sure to upvote the previous posts requesting this feature.

You can do this if you press E on your keyboard 

You can only go from watch mode to workout. Not from watch mode to free ride or from workout to free ride.

Often I ride multiple workouts in a single session. It is a pain to have to stop > Exit ride summary > End Ride > Save and Exit > Restart > wait to login > search for sensors > select Workout > select Route > start ride right from the beginning again.

All this takes the best part of 5 minutes, breaks my rhythm and gets unnecessary sweat all over the laptop.

  1. It would be great if you could select multiple workouts (shift-click?) at the start, which then run consecutively within a single ride.

  2. It would be cool if you could decide to load a new workout from the Workout Summary page shown when a workout completes, in case you decide during a workout that you have time and energy for another.

  3. It would be helpful if, after Exit ride, as well as ‘Discard’ and ‘Save and exit’, you also had a third option of ‘Save and don’t exit’.

LOVE the idea of multiple workouts (shift-click as you said)


“Save and don’t exit” - PLEASE!

You should NEVER have to exit and restart a program to go back to a menu. Zwift’s coding sucks. They need to stop adding new features and graphics and take care of everything else that’s garbage.