Zwift Forces Restart to Change Ride

Hi Zwift,

I’m only 160 kilometers into Zwift.  One thing I noticed is that if I end a ride the game will close down.  For me, ending a ride is not necessarily the same as finishing my ride: sometimes I want to start a workout or change my preference for route selection.  

Would it be possible to correct this?  Perhaps an option to “end ride and quit”, or “end ride and return to ride menu” or whatever you decide is best…

If I’ve missed how to do this, then feel free to advise how.  However I imagine that the solution is not intuitive as I haven’t been able to easily find it.

Zwift is great, thanks. 

Hi Peter, 

We’re glad you love Zwift as much as we do. :slight_smile:

You can access workout mode anytime you want by pressing key “e” on your keyboard (make sure your Caps lock is off) 

If you want to exit the workout before it’s end you can skip all the section by pressing “Tab” on your keyboard or “skip button” on the Zwift Mobile Link.

Unfortunately the way it works at the moment you can not change preferred course once you’ve chosen one and clicked ride. However Zwift is constantly evolving and you will be able to do so in future. 

So hang on tight and Ride On! 

Totally agree this is needed. Hopefully it will come soon.