End workout early

Sometimes when I pick a workout I’m a bit optimistic. I pick a really long one, but I get exhausted half way through and I need to bail out. At the moment all I can do is end the whole ride, where what I would like to do is push a “cool down” button that just skips to the cool-down section of the workout

Another possibility is just being able to end the workout but carrying on in “normal” mode, much like what happens when you reach the end of a workout

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Hi Daniel - you can skip workout steps using the SKIP button on the Zwift Mobile Link Actions screen or by pressing TAB on your keyboard. When you reach the end of the workout you will automatically go back into “free ride” mode.

Ha, I can’t believe I missed this. Thanks!

What if I want to pick a different workout? Do I have to exit the ride and restart zwift? Or How do I get back to the workout selection screen?

You can just press “E” on your keyboard to get to the workout menu.