Is there a way to quickly end a workout?

Sometimes when i’m riding a workout i decide i’d rather just do a freeride, or i’d like to use the start of a workout as a warm up and then freeride after.

Is there a way to quickly end a workout without having to skip through all the steps?

Not that I know of. But you can use the TAB button to quickly skip past all the blocks.


Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I’m using the Android version on my phone or tablet at the moment for convenience and keyboard shortcuts don’t work on Android.

I suppose I could make a dummy workout with just 1 segment in it, then select that if I want to freeride and just skip that one block. Bit of a work around but better than nothing

Hey, I know that it is a little late but have you found the answer, the same problem?

A little late? I only posted it yesterday!

no, no solution to this it would seem unfortunately

i wanted to rude on the other day, so wanted to skip the cool down stage… the skip forward didn’t work, if ut blocked on the cool down?

also sweaty fingers don’t like my iphone screen, unable to change/ select anything after a sweat race last evening.

I think what you want is available but just didn’t work that time.

I’m asking for a way to skip multiple blocks at once to skip to the end of a workout