How do I shift between workouts during a ride

 Seems that once you select a workout or a ride, you have to stay with that. If you want to select a new workout, you have to end ride or discard, both of which disconnect me from Zwift. I then have to go back to my applications and set everything up again.

The menu doesn’t offer a way to start a workout and then do another one during one ride.  Is this the only way?

Press “E” on your keyboard and you can change workouts.

Hi Deborah, if you are on a Mac or PC, you can use the ‘E’ key to bring up the workout selection screen.  This could be helpful if wanting to go from a normal ride to a workout.  I’m not sure of a way to do this on iOS or tvOS.

Ride on!

yep, what Paul said.   [my answer took too long to post]

Thanks.  That is very helpful.  

Up arrow gives access to the menu for pause and fast forward workout buttons, if you aren’t on ZML/ZCA at the time.

I’m frustrated! I hit the E to exit a workout so I could cooldown but it won’t allow me to drop my watts even with ERG off and in free ride mode

E works-yes. However, I clicked on the wrong ride and when I hit E it put me into a loop back to menu. I couldn’t get to the page where you could select the rides from the right side of the page. So I had to end ride, and set Zwift up all over again including re-pairing etc.  Needless to say, I got to the ride quite late.

This is what I’m trying to figure out how to do. If I start a group ride, and want to switch to another, I can’t seem to get to that without starting completely over.