Improved navigation request

Give me a way to get back to the workout selection screen without having to completely exit the app and enter again. Sometimes I want to change my workout mid-ride (I decide I don’t like it or it is too hard/easy for what I need). Sometimes I get click happy and click the RIDE button by mistake. Once you are on the side of the road at your course, there appears to be no way to go back. Why not? 

Having to exit the program to get back to another part of it seems like something you would find in 80’s programming interfaces.

The ingame interface leaves a lot to be desired in terms of user friendliness. There should simply be a little generic menu item available at all times via which these simple features may be called up.

However, you do not need to exit the application and restart. The shortcut for opening up the interface window is ‘E’.

I hope this helps you during your next ride and saves you the restart of the client :).

Thanks Stef. This is definitely helpful!

Perhaps if Zwift could provide an easy way to discover the secret keyboard shortcuts, some of the UI pain would be lessened.