Mountain Route

Man, either Zwift is being incredibly tight lipped about the new mountain route or my search skillz are lame. I’m dying to know more about it. If anyone has any info or this has been covered somewhere else let me know or point me to it. 

We’re a small team and literally having to move mountains here, so it’ll take a bit of time for this one.  We’ve got a few other features slated to be released first, but rest assured progress is being made.  There’s not much other news to report at this point.

Understand. I can’t wait for it to open up and have what I’m assuming will be one or more fairly significant climbs. 

Really enjoying the experience so far. Thanks for the great work.

Am looking forward to the mountain route. Any details on terms of elevation level we might be expecting you can give out? Or is it all hush-hush till the release is there? :slight_smile:

@Stef, when you take the flat route, clockwise (the normal way, not turned around), and exit the tunnel, you can see over towards the mountain area that the mountain route will probably take you towards. They look big and high with snowy caps.

My guess or hope would be that they are making a route with a long climb, maybe 10 min in duration, with a nice decent, and maybe a few quick rises/bumps leading up to the climb or afterwards. Could be a great place to do long intervals and repeats since we are allowed to turnaround in Watopia.

@Michael, it’d be great if they had multiple routes with different length/gradient climbs. So as you go you can turn off to which ever suits your whim for the ride. But, anything over 10-15 mins @ 5%+ would be awesome.

and please do not go over 10%.

Hopefully it takes a long time.  Further improving Watopia will only add to the agony of being forced to take 3 days off every week when Richmond is pushed upon us.

Please Zwift, give us a choice which course to ride.  The vast majority of riders prefer Watopia, please let us ride it when we want.

It’s almost ready! Eric Min spilled the beans with his test ride posted to Strava.

We need the mountain route open NOW!  Let’s gather our avatars and lead a virtual sit-in at Zwift headquarters until its open.  Let the watts fly!

Be patient. Let them work out the bugs BEFORE it is released. When Zwift was in beta some of the upgrades were released with problems.

Looks like it’s around 6 miles at a moderate grade one way, and the reverse is around 4 miles but quite a lot steeper. Awesome! Can’t wait.