(Dave SN) #1

It would be great on Zwift if we could tackle a proper long hill climb like Alpe Du Huez or Galibier, Mt Ventoux.  What do other Zwifters think to this so the developers can incorporate this onto the island?

(Paul Allen) #2

There is a mountain route planned already on Watopia (you can see the construction). 

This has been talked about in numerous threads on here.

(David Griscom YCW) #3

I am looking forward to the new Watopia climb, but I agree with Dave it would be cool to have an epic TdF climb in Zwift

(Chris Leather) #4

And don’t forget to set “Trainer difficulty” towards max…

(Andrew Jarrod) #5

All sounds like hell to me, but bound to be a while away yet.

(Andrew Jarrod) #6


Zwift have posted the new Mountain route to Strava after doing test rides, therefore it must be fairly close.  Stands to reason that the route is complete, merely the making it look pretty now.

Also we’ve lost a day of Richmond each week in March (wooohoo!) so again this is signalling the new track arriving in the short term.

New course looks very good, quite a long addition and not too stupidly steep.  Over 1000ft of elevation a lap.

(David Griscom YCW) #7

I hope its here soon.  In another month I’ll be riding outdoors and will have forgotten all about Zwift until late Fall.  I think it makes sense to not make it too steep since folks with smart trainers will want it below the max grade the trainer can handle

(Mark Hewitt) #8

If you haven’t already seen it, here is the head developer testing it out