Future Courses/ Islands

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So here is attempt at a poll to see which real world courses would be most popular on zwift.

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Would very much like to see Ventoux added as a Watopia Island with the three standard routes. How about a jersey badge / patch for a virtual Les Cingles?


Sa Calobra in Mallorca would be an excellent addition to the climbing portfolio on zwift. The issue with it is that IRL you have to descend the mountain, turn round at the little port town and then climb back up. Some work to do on zwift to find a position for it on Watopia in order to replicate the drop/ climb format.

Coll deis Reis - 682m
Tower - 516m
Epic KOM - 372m

The crazy 180 degree loop at the top of the climb would be something to behold in the virtual world though.


You could pick almost any of the mythical climbs from our sport and put them on the backside of the Alpe. I recently rode the Stelvio passes, one of those might be a bit long, but the 48 Tornanti (turns/switchbacks) were amazing. After spending 3 weeks in the French and Italian mountains, you could pick almost any of those climbs. However, please don’t subject us to something like Monte Zoncolan. https://www.strava.com/activities/1858744453/shareable_images/map_based?hl=en-US&v=1537744072


I would like to see a 28 mile flat course with some rolling hills for triathlon and Z1 training. Not everyone wants to climb hills/mountains.


I agree that alot of zwifters come from the triathlon world and would love flatter courses. I might add that some would also appreciate it for TT purposes specifically.


I don’t really think there are any routes I’d specifically want. Two year ago I would have said a long climb, but we’ve got one now and I’m not fussed about another.

I prefer routes with more vegetation and natural environments, rather than built-up areas. So city routes are out for me.

Rather than real world routes, I’m more interested in varied environments. We have jungle, so maybe savannah. That could work well with the suggestion for a flatter route with little or no climbing.


and since most TT dont last very long, adjoining it to an already flat course wouldnt require an enormous amount of new content. although i have a feeling that i probably have no idea the amount of work needed to create new content in zwift.

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what about something like this?


I’d like to see some cobbled forests like in Paris Roubaix, maybe also have a few short climbs (Bergs) through some Belgian or dutch villages along the route.


Hey , just came back from a trip to the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Roads there have everything—killer climbs, switchbacks great views etc. Traffic is scary but that doesn’t seem to bother the locals who ride with abandon. All week long I was jonesing for my bike. This would be a great future addition to Zwift.


My vote is on Mallorca! I would love being able to ride roads like the westcoast and climb Sa Batalla ( Gas station ) Puig Major, Soller and the obvious Sa Calobra would be totally awesome!!!

This is my zwiftdream!

Please zwiftgods, make this come true!



a Jurassic Park or a Wild West course out in the desert


This is exactly what I hope they do, maybe early next year. Alpe du Zwift is great but suffers from it being just straight up and come back down, it really needs another climb which rises up to meet it at the top, and it makes sense that this would be another iconic climb.

Anything lower than the Alpe’s 1036m would work, just by starting at a higher level first. So Sa Calobra/Coll deis Reis would work. The Stelvio is actually more climbing at 1,533m but could be made to work.


I would love to see something from each continent … different cultures, nature… I´d love to see some Asian routes, too. Jurassic World ist a great idea. :slight_smile:

NYC is GREAT by the way. I love it! :slight_smile:

But to be honest there is no limit to new course ideas :slight_smile: I´m looking forward to your ideas.


Strade Bianchi would be great, except when you’re all the way in the dust of the people in front of you :slight_smile: Was my favorite Tacx movie btw (Monte Paschi Eroica), but sold it because you have to ride it alone…

Being dutch I love the Amstel Gold and Liege Bastogne Liege since everything is flat here and imo flat is boring. Just skip the Eyserbosweg and La Redoute.

My favourite climbs are small hairpinned roads @5% through the forest with sunshine on my shoulders. It really makes me happy…

O. And I hate cycling in cities…


Just work out a map of about 20 km around Ruy (Belgium) and/or Vijlen (Netherlands) and you have it all. Except flat roads of course.

But… Toscane, Ardèche, Corsica, Provence, it’s all cycling paradise. Go copypasta some beautiful nature to Zwift please.

Ceterum censeo urbis esse delendam - Cato Maior

SA Colobra is one of my all time favorite rides. I’m sure they easily recreate within Watopia


I am not familiar enough with various real life routes to suggest anything specific but but maybe a route in Watopia or somewhere else that involved fjords, canals, and or cliffs and accompanying flora/fauna from which ever place on earth has such things that might inspire you.

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Love Mallorca… would love to see Cap Formentor… Batalla, Puig, Lluc, Sa Colbra