Expand the courses with real climbs

Hello everyone at Zwift

Let me start of by saying, that I really like the overall experience of Zwift. I’m really hooked. One thing that would make things even better, is the possibility to ride up real climbs. For instance, you could add the famous Alpe d’Huez to Watopia or maybe expand Watopia so much, that you can ride towards different countries like “France”, Italy" or “Spain” and then from there choose what great climb to battle.


I think also from a marketing point of view, that this will be a good way to go, since many other companies are modelling courses from real climbs, so obviously there is a huge interest in this from consumers?



Hope to hear from you.



There are other request just like yours make sure you vote those up to so Zwift knows what the users wanr.

You don’t have to necessarily recreate specific Alpine climbs but it would be great to have a very long climb of 15-20KM @ 7-12% to give folk in places like the UK a taste of what some of the iconic pro tour climbs (e.g. Mont Ventoux, Co du Izoard, Tourmalet, Alpe d’Huez, Stelvio etc) are like

Great idea. The volcano is such a token addition.

This would make Zwift the complete package.
I would like to ride the Etape du Tour, and having a simulated version of the iconic climbs to ride would be a big boost to those who want to tackle long climbs but live far away from them. I don’t think the programers would have to incur a licensing fees to insert climbs that are or resemble the real deal.

Zwift already stated it will not add more climbs like epic kom. it becomes too boring for most riders. Very few races include KOM. Only Concept bike made it popular.

We need more like Virginia climbs and the Esses bumps.