Grand Tour style climb

Hi Zwift,

Thanks very much for the existing product which I think is great. The climb upto the radio tower on Watopia is fantastic but what would be even better would be a Grand Tour style climb, 2 to 3 times longer than the radio tower.

Thanks in advance!

Not going to happen in the near future since according to Zwift most people ride the flats and the long climbs are no used enough to justify the time it takes to design.

Maybe another type of libby hill in watopia? Or more esses?

+1 on a bigger climb!

Bigger climbs! 

Bigger climbs!

Eric Min talked about a longer climb in his recent Zwiftcastinterview, episode 37, starting at 16:19 .

Try RoadGrandTours if you want a bigger climb

Eric Min said on the Zwiftcast that a long climb is something they are looking at. So they *are* talking it seriously. 

And yes RoadGrandTours does have long ass climbs if you like constant upward grade forever!

Also, changing trainer diffuculty?


@Paul Allen: ("… Not going to happen in the near future since according to Zwift most people ride the flats and the long climbs are no used enough to justify the time it takes to design.")

You designed the whole Richmond Map to drive it ONCE (!!!) in a month, but find it not necessary to create a bigger climb… i think the arguments are totally wrong, i don’t understand it.

The “royal-class” in cycling is to do massive climbs (or even normal climbs) and you say such things…

Don’t waste your time in making butterflies in the jungle look more beautiful, create climbs :slight_smile:


No need for that sort of reaction. It’s been stated above the “The Long Climb” is being worked on - so there’s no need to argue, the argument is already won!

As for Richmond it was released in 2015 back when Watopia was just one 6 mile loop and as a result was used much more often then. It’s used once or twice a month now rather than dropping it entirely.

Hey Mark,

i’m sorry man :slight_smile:

Can you say when such a climb propably is online?

No idea really. Zwift have said they are looking at it, which could mean it’s released early next year or it could mean something they’re working on for next winter!

+1 for longer climb :slight_smile:


Another nice climb gets my vote too - the mountains are already there, just need more ways up them, and then some more pre-programmed routes (like the 3 Sisters)!   

(although it looks like there’s going to be a new route leading off from the new jungle loop when you crest the ridge and start descending into the jungle valley, there appears to be what might end up being a tunnel to somewhere?)

That’s always been my view really - that the existing mountain is high enough we just need 1 or 2 more ways to climb it

The latest Watopia mini-map shows an expansion of topography to the south, with higher peaks to the mountains.

Hopefully this will lead to one or more extended climbs with possible offshoots. I’d like a Glandon / Croix de Fer style 3 way climb - they meet near the top in real life. And maybe a Montvernier style climb. Looks like there is an off-shoot ready for this near the start of the gravel section in the Jungle loop, as previously mentioned.

I’m hoping the other island gets an Ardennes / Flanders style topography as well with some punchy short climbs, and maybe a few cobbled ones. Would really make that a goto route for me!

What these expansions really need though are alternative spawning points. I’m sure the reason the Jungle & Mountain routes are used less is the time it takes to get to the start of them!

This is surely where a new route will join?  This on the descent into the Jungle valley after the small climb through the bluebell vale and where the tarmac gives way to gravel.