New feature: Climbers course

(Gordon Ellis) #1

Please could you add a course for climbers with long and/or very steep climbs.

Kind of alps inspired. The two courses are pretty flat overall and it is pretty easy to do 20+mph average.



(Mark Hewitt) #2

It’s been said many many times that Zwift / Watopia needs an epic climb I think most people would like to see that but of course as an option not something you have to do like the current climb. 

(Alan Cohen WBR (B) - CISCying) #3

I agree.

(Per Erlend Hasvold) #4

I also agree! A long and alp-like climb would be really great!

(W ish I was Outside) #5

Agree, wouldn’t have to be epic but something that would take a professional rider ~25-30 minutes to ride up would be perfect. Too long and it’s hard to create workout variations that involve it, since then you’d frequently be committed to doing nothing else but riding that one climb for the entire time you’re on the trainer, whereas a 30 minute climb can be incorporated into loops involving other terrain (or you an just u-turn and do repeats if you fancy).