Actual climbs please!

(Yancy Fry) #1

I know this is beta and I assume we are getting lots more areas besides zwift island. Can we please have some alpine climbs? Ones that would take 30+ mins to do? These 1 or 2 min “climbs” are just sprints and don’t actually favor climbers at all. A good climber can put out sustained power for long periods. Please can we have real climbs?

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #2

I bet this will come about in time with varied courses but as a climbing freak and a virtual riding geek I can say that it isn’t nearly as cool as it sounds. I remember last year doing a virtual race on Tour de Giro up the latter part of Mount Ventoux. It sounded like a good idea and I fared pretty well but ultimately it was a bunch of people spread out all over the road going less than 10km/h and not very interesting. It didn’t feel very real or motivating.

(Stewart G teamWBR) #3

Also it isn’t great for certain smart trainers to go along at such slow speeds.
They can overheat and need a fan pointed at them.

Maybe climbs of 10 minutes or so would be fine.

(Mark McDonald) #4

More serious climbs would be welcome. Prior to using Swift, I was only doing simulated climbs indoors. I feel I get a better workout for the time spent and my trainer makes less noise for the people downstairs from me. Need long and challenging mountain pass climbs 6-8+% for 5-10+ miles.

(Kulok Oy) #5

A longer climb is definitely good for a change, the problem with giro d is graphics are not as fantastic - Kudos to Zwift for Ultra quality!