Climbs, climbers, uphill is yay

Love zwift
Love the game
Love the social aspect

Adz, ven-top, epic reverse on repeat

Can we get more of those? I’m currently using competitor to , well, climb!

Variety would be much welcome and awesome.


Upvote! :mount_fuji: :mountain_snow:


I’d love to see all the classic climbs included over time. I’m unlikely to be able to ride them IRL so this would be special for me. I also realise the stats indicate most Zwifters ride flat courses but hopefully at some point Zwift can find capacity to do this.


Fuji would be great
anything really. I’d even settle on sub 500m climbs.

There’s always loads of people on adz whenever I climb it. But dang are the flat routes boring

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Innsbruck climbs both way used to be my sunday indoor ‘longer’ ride through the winter. 2 x 20min climbs is about the right time\distance for indoor riding for me as part of a longer ride. The Alpe is also great for a solid hour(ish) effort.

VenTop I feel is probably a little to long for most…or perhaps its just that climb isnt that interesting virtually.


Ventop is relentless. I do it once in a while. Always glad I made it up.
Innsbruck are fun. Reverse has gradients that really challenge.
Reverse Epic for quick access (Road to sky, u-turn) and the tower is, well, the tower!

They aren’t bad, it’s the tiny selection that gets to me.

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Yes! I use Fulgaz for the big IRL climbs.

Would love more of the big HC climbs but majority doesn’t because uphill is hard and they aren’t climbers I suppose.

maybe eh!

I’m not a fast climber. But going flat is my summer life because I live on a flat earth. Or a part that’s flat anyway :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

So when I cycle inside, I like a challenge

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Nice! :+1:

It’s flat where I live too. I’d love if Zwift has more of the real big HC climbs.

Imagine adding Timmelsjoch to the Innsbruck world.