Hill Repeat Mode?

How about adding a “Hill repeat” mode. I sometimes do hill repeats on Zwift but it sometimes takes a lot of time to get to the hill. It would be great for example if you selected “Do Hill Repeats” to get a drop down of all the hills available in a particular world, then be able to go directly to it, or a designated spot before the hill (to allow for some warmup) prior. Maybe the same for sprint sections.


Developing this point, it would be good also if events could start from a specific location. I know there are some issues with this due to the start pen setup, but you could have a dynamic start banner in the same way you can have a dynamic finish line.

That way we could organize hill climb events, e.g. a time trial volcano climb (non-drafting).

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Great idea, agreed that it takes a while to get to Alpe Du Zwift, for example, or the EPIC KOM

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If you pick Road to Sky you will start 5km (downhill) from the start of the the Alpe and about 1 km from the Epic KOM.

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Yeah, but it would be nice to start right at the bottom of the climb.

Most climbs in Zwift take no more time to reach than I’d want to warmup. Obvious counter-examples are the radio tower and, to a lesser degree, Box Hill and Leith Hill. But I sort of like this – that you need to ride a bit to get to something. It would be cool to have a climb up the backside of L’Alpe that was more remote. But otherwise I can reach everything within 10 minutes, I think.

On FullGaz, you typically start literally at the base of the climb, and that’s a bit of a rude start to the ride (you can warm up before hitting “start”, of course). I like how in Zwift you get to spin a bit to reach the base. Same with RGT Stelvio. I prefer Zwift’s approach.

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True, but sometimes I’ll do a race or group ride or something first, then want to jump right into some hill repeats. If I’m already warmed up, I don’t necessarily want another 20mins to get to the climb.