Suggestion for the Innsbruck course

Absolutely the best map yet. Loved the town, loved the freeway with its traffic. Loved coming off the hill and zipping into town.

I also like the KOM timer when you start the incline. The problem for me is that its just a clock. I have no reference, I have no idea where I am other than head math and knowing the length. 

Instead of the clock running up, I’d like to see a timer running down. Set the timer at the current KOM and have it tick down. That way I can at least see if I am making progress. When the timer runs out, you can either click it off, or start ‘adding’ time. + seconds or minutes. A bit like they do in pro cycling.

Great map. I expect to see lots of real pros try it out over the next year.

Well done.

For any of the KOM climbs I would like to have something that shows my time compared to my own PR on that climb.  The ETA clock is OK but it looks like it just projects your finish time based on your current power output

Not what I said. I want it to countdown from the KOM. 

The current system does as you suggest on some courses. 

It would be great if runners can do KOM’s, too.  Doesn’t appear that we can.  I’ve seen the polka-dotted jersey on some riders.  Do the K’s of the M for any given month unlock it?  Do they get to keep it for the rest of the year or forever?  Thank you.