Zwift Hill Climb Club Race Week 4

Apparently the finishing order for the week 4 event on the Innsbruck UCI KOM is for the entire route and not just the climb. I cruised everything but the climb and finished 4th on the KOM but I’m listed as 6th in the Zwiftpower leaderboard. Can we get this fixed, please. Most of us blew our guts out for 20 minutes or so and we’d like get credited for the correct time.

Looking now

The event is set to use the slowest timed segment as the time used in the league, however there also appears to be a segment for the lap (which is obviously slower than the KOM). I’m looking into it but can’t promise anything at this stage.

Well, that would be less than optimal if we can’t get this fixed. Obviously, most of us would’ve ridden the race considerably differently if we knew we were competing over the entire route. I let the guys who finished 4th and 5th pass me on the finish flat after LegSnapper…

I’m really sorry Mark, obviously completely understand why you’re frustrated.

All the events so far, I’ve used the setting for the slowest segment (I don’t have the ability to specify which one is used), but the lap segment has meant that that hasn’t worked.

I’ve just been and updated all the other events this week to be 16km in length (basically the bottom of the hill) but I’m afraid I don’t have any way of correcting your times :frowning:


Probably need to let all the riders know they’ll need to hit the hill again or their times are going to be way off. :sleepy:

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Rode it again this morning and improved my time by 45 seconds. Warming up beforehand was the key. That and knowing the length of the climb to manage my power. I suppose in some ways it was better that it got screwed up for the first few events because I actually did better the second time in the barrel.

And I can quit bellyachin’ about getting moved to the A cat. Obviously.

The only thing is I won’t place in the series because I did the first three weeks as a B.

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I can fix that for you?

Are you just talking about ZP settings James? It’s possible to update the results to only use the climb time, as I did for all of the Socks4Watts Hill Climb series.

I think the set up on this is different to how you ran your series.

@James_Zwift Can you take the first three weeks I rode as a B and move them into my A results? At least I’ll get some kind of overall placing within my new category. This would be great!

The times some of these guys and gals are putting down in the A cat are astounding. I finished the Innsbruck UCI climb and I was blasted; absolutely nothing left. Someone rode that climb nearly 3 minutes faster! Holy Toledo!

@James_Zwift What in the world happened this time? I finished 3rd in yesterday’s “Blow My Guts out for 20 minutes hill climb” and pulled a 19:18 out of my hat. I go back to see how I’m placed in the overall and my time changed from 19:18 to 47:26 and 8th place.

Here’s the event: ZwiftPower - Login

Please explain…


Your time for that event looks fine.

I’ve moved your B efforts into A.

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Thanks for that @James_Zwift . When I looked at the result from that race my time had changed to 47minutes and I was in 8th place. I guess is was seein’ things or something. Alls good!

No - it sometimes happens and then fixes itself next update.