KOM time and ETA throughout climb

The KOM ETA only shows up near the end of the climb… why not all the way through the climb so you can monitor progress?

Completely agree i want to see the current kom, my best time, my eta, the stopwatch start immediatly and continue, and even split times going through the 100m boards.

+1. Would be a great fix to having to do this from the top of my head whilst cycling now.

I did epic kom reverse today…I still haven’t worked out where it starts so starting the stopwatch immediately shows you exactly…its a god 20 hard minutes up and to not have an idea how you are doing until the last 1k is crazy…I can understand not having thd eta until a point where it will be reasonably accurate…but stopwatch starting immediately and splits on the 100m boards would be a big help.

I suspect the idea for suppressing it was to avoid making it a visual burden for 20-30 minutes of the ride.  Personally I would be okay solving this in either of two ways:

  1. Display the time progress at a few checkpoints.  At the least have it shown at the start. If the ETA were shown about once every kilometer for 15 seconds that would be useful.
  2. Do a more compact KOM timer display, but have it on all the time.  Just show the left sidebar with standings during the last few minutes like it works now.

3 or 4 time checks at least. Riding hard for 20+ minutes and not knowing exactly how you are doing the whole time is silly. At least I would like to know if I am on pace, close, or aiming for a personal best. Without the timer it is a mystery until the final 2 or 3 minutes.

Totally agree.  I just started using zwift and it’s even somewhat a mystery how long the climb is and the official start until you’ve done it a few times.

Duane’s suggestions are good - it may also be cool to see a ghost rider of a different color (which I read somewhere else but will mention):

  1. One that represents your best time

  2. One that represents the best time of the day (if within 30 seconds of it)