KOM Progress

(Ian Brewer) #1

I’d like to see a screen that tells you how far you’ve got to go when you start a KOM climb. Without this it’s very difficult to pace your effort as you don’t know how far is left.

Something similar to the page that comes up when you start a starred segment on Strava outdoors & you have a Wahoo GPS.

Maybe a separate page on the Companion App or a box on screen showing your progress, how many KM’s left, your progress against your PR, KOM time etc etc would be good.

(G odmother Fox-Neo2) #2

Basically, I agree it sounds as a useful feature, but let me note this - after week or two, maybe three in Zwift you will memorize each track, every KOM … you will know every detail, every tree and stone along those roads … then no info like you asked for is really necessary …

Anyway I’ve voted for your request already to support you :wink:

(Ian) #3

Unfortunately my memory isn’t that good & especially when I’m suffering! :joy: