KOM Progress

I’d like to see a screen that tells you how far you’ve got to go when you start a KOM climb. Without this it’s very difficult to pace your effort as you don’t know how far is left.

Something similar to the page that comes up when you start a starred segment on Strava outdoors & you have a Wahoo GPS.

Maybe a separate page on the Companion App or a box on screen showing your progress, how many KM’s left, your progress against your PR, KOM time etc etc would be good.

Basically, I agree it sounds as a useful feature, but let me note this - after week or two, maybe three in Zwift you will memorize each track, every KOM … you will know every detail, every tree and stone along those roads … then no info like you asked for is really necessary …

Anyway I’ve voted for your request already to support you :wink:

Unfortunately my memory isn’t that good & especially when I’m suffering! :joy:

Agree! something like the timing effort during a sprint would be very useful during a climb

Is the Alpe Du Zwift the only climb that has individual segments? Climbed it for the first time yesterday and found it very helpful to pace myself but also to motivate me

yes it is the only one

Oh ok, hopefully a feature they will expand upon. It’s done really well.

A general distance to go meter would work on for non-climbs