Climbing KOM request

Is there a way you can see how much is left in a long climb section whilst riding please? If not, it would be great to have a progression bar along the top for the climbs? (just like we have for the route and how many miles you have left to the finish) Sometimes you don’t know if you’re going to be able to make it to the top of the long climbing sections as you don’t know how long the climb goes on for unless you’ve completed that route before. A little elevation graph or something in one corner would also be great but just something so you know how far you’ve got left. You do have something similar on the Fire and Ice Route but it still doesn’t tell you how many miles left to the summit. Thank you.

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Like this?


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Hi Gerrie, that’s not a view we have. How do you get that?

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Gerrie’s suggestion addresses this (although it’s just a visual, not an actual meter)

This would be great. I suggested it a few months ago. Seems pretty straightforward to incorporate. Sometimes I forget the total elevation while I’m in a race. Was it 300m? 600m? My assumption is most people don’t want to know or don’t care that much. Maybe it can be found in-race via the companion app or elsewhere, but not at a glance.

That picture is Zwift. Look at the right top corner you will see the orange marker (your position) and it moves as you climb.

Thanks. Yes I know it’s Zwift. This wasn’t really what I was meaning. I meant something to actually show how much climbing you’ve got left to go on the big climb sections. Something to say 100m to go etc so when you’re tiered you can gauge how fast to go and if you can make it LOL

Most of the climbs have a meter but only shows in the last few hundred meters up to ~2K to go. I agree, it would be nice if the meter showed for the entire KOM.

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Totally agree with this request - I use Garmin climb pro and really like to know how much pain (in real numbers) are in store for me. It’s also very motivational seeing that number crank down.