Information on progress on current route/event/segment

In the real world I simply love when my headunit gives me information on upcoming segments and constant data about my past and current performance compared to the KOM. While I usually don’t do it, I also appreciate the ability to follow preloaded routes and have current information available as I ride.
I find this strangely lacking in Zwift and it makes it a little hard for me to know if I’ll be able to finish a route/event before I have to do something else in real life.
There might be information about this somewhere, but I’m having a hard time finding it. I’ve selected a route and continued riding after the finish line multiple times because the information is not clearly communicated to me.
The same goes for segments (or whatever they are called in Swift). I sometimes find it hard to notice when they start, how long they are, what to expect when it comes to meter to climb and such.

Disclaimer: I might be stupid for not being able to find all this, but then the point still stands.

The blue progress bar tells you how far you’ve got left to go on the route or long is left if it a timed event

I agree wholeheartedly. It’d be nice to know a few things that even an ancient head unit such as the one I use provides:
Distance to START of segment
Distance from END of current segment (how much of the Volcano KOM is remaining?)
% of elevation gained on current climb and overall (how many feet/m do we have left to the end of this KOM?)
Average watts and/or w/kg (without having to switch to a different screen while riding)

The sprint or KOM table pops up well before the start of the actual segment so it’s difficult to know how to pace or position oneself prior to the actual start of the segment. Also, when riding in a large group, it is often the case that one cannot see the actual start pylons for KOMs/sprints - I have missed the starts of such segments many times.

It would also be nice if the selected route is somehow highlighted on the mini-map while riding, perhaps with arrows indicating direction of travel (on the route, not on the rider), as the attempting-to-be-predictive elevation profile is a bit wonky when there are intersections involved. This would also assist in those cases where one might want to do some self-navigating. Perhaps the routes, if highlighted could also be color-coded to indicate elevation changes - red for climbs, blue for descents, for example.

I am sure I am forgetting a few …