Better feedback while riding a KOM or circuit

It is difficult to tell how well you are doing while trying to beat a KOM or circuit PR. The game display only shows your ETA towards the end of the segment - you are riding blind at the beginning (i.e, the first 90% of the segment).

When riding outside in RL I use Strava Live Segments on my Garmin Edge to be able to manage my efforts when trying to beat a PR or KOM. At any given time I know my ETA and I also know how far ahead or behind I am when compared to the time I am trying to beat (i.e, my own PR, the segment KOM, or a friend’s PR). It would be nice if we had similar feedback in-game so that we could better manage our efforts to make incremental improvements over previous efforts.

I also wish for such a feature but it needs to be a lot smarter than the current implementation and the data storage requirements (i.e., storing summarized data points of your past PB effort) of that are probably a big hurdle that Zwift needs to consider.

For now, I’d settle for something on every climb like the Alpe du Zwift display that calculates from marker to marker… corners where it makes sense, 250 m points elsewhere.


Yes, please add strava live functonality!


Aware this is an older thread but it’s still a perfectly valid point that the only info given when riding within the first 80(?)% a KOM is the elapsed time. This simply isn’t enough info to go on - especially if it’s a first ascent and you don’t have a holo to chase (and that holo would have been just as badly informed on their progress during their climb anyway).