KOM attempts

It would be great if the ETA display was constantly displayed during the whole attempt at a KOM especially if you can see your all-time PB for the segment.

Hi Steven,

In Settings, you can set it so the leaderboard will always display. But for some of the longer KOMs, we really cannot make an accurate estimate as to your ETA until you’ve actually gotten quite a ways into the climb. Like, we can’t make an accurate ETA estimate for the Epic KOM if you’re only 1-2km into it.

Hope that makes some sense.

Ride On,


Zwift Game Design

Thanks for info. It was the mountain climb I was mainly interested in. Too bad something like strava live couldn’t work with a + or - time compared to previous best. I get the ETA issue as you explained it. 

A better idea would be to take my best time, from various checkpoints, and tell me how many seconds in front/behind I am.  That way, I know that I need to go slower/faster.