KOM - Personal Best

What are everyone’s thoughts on Zwift KOM timer being “green” when you are on track for a PB??? Amber/orange when your within striking distance??? Black when your on a casual ride???
Not being a mountain goat, I will never get a chance at the KOM jersey, but it would be good to have some indicators on the long climbs like Alpe, Innsbruck, London etc

I agree that some form of tracking against your own PB would be useful. I was about 15 seconds off PB up the Innsbruck UCI climb yesterday. A review of random strava segments revealed i lost the time in the first half of the ascent but was beating previous times in the second half. I may have invested a little more effort earlier with an indication of progress…

I think this would be good but I would probably want to see how my time compares in terms of seconds ahead or behind my prior personal best so I could pace myself

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I personally think that’s a cool idea, gives you a boost in motivation! I’ll forward this over to the dev team to take a look at. 

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It’s a good idea. but stick with green/yellow/red indicators.


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When riding Innsbruck, because I’m not familiar with the climb, I had no idea of how far along it I was (not much specific scenery, also not clear on map view where the top actually is), so it was hard to say whether I was ahead or behind my PB at any time.

It’s different I suppose on climbs I’m familiar with (e.g. Epic KOM on Watopia cause I’ve ridden it so many times / Box and Leith Hills in London cause I’ve done them in real life) so recognise when I pass certain points I should be at “X” minutes to be ahead/behind schedule.