Real time segment progress for the major climbs

(Kerry Bright) #1

it would make a huge difference to the long climbs to have live feedback on your progress against your best time. At the moment you only know whether you are faster or slower when you approach the top, by which time it is too late to affect the outcome. It would also give interest throughout the climb when dragging yourself to the top

(IB HammernAle) #2

I agree!

(Vincent Bossi) #3

Good idea. Just like Strava premium. When you are on a segment it will show your live progress against your PR and the KOM. Simple as a +/- time.

(j ustTim) #4

Only if I can turn it off if I’m not interested.

(Ryan Boyd) #5

Best suggestion to date. Would be a great feature

(Stefan Faulkner) #6

I would not want to see exact progress the whole way up the climbs so would need to be optional. For me, part of the challenge is mental as much as physical - pacing the effort, learning what you can and can’t sustain or how much suffering you want to enjoy versus being given an update throughout.

Likewise different efforts on each section may end up with the same overall time…so that makes it all very complicated if Zwift need to mirror your particular style of attacking a climb. For example, if you start slow and increase the effort throughout the climb ending at maximal - how is Zwift going to model that against a PR/ KOM time? Unless you are able to maintain a consistent effort throughout then an average pace calculation will not achieve what you are really looking for.  

Just my view, no doubt others would find this feature motivational!