Base Camp

Love Zwift and it has been a big help to outdoor participation. Can I request a “Base Camp” - one or multiple spots to select as a base for repeat hill climbs. We could be allowed to respawn at our request at a known hill base or spot of our choosing for repeated segments. For instance, I am doing an event with 5000 foot climb and would like to do Alpe d Zwift then repeat from the base without a lead in. Would be a double bonus for Climber on Kickr to replicate the angle of ascent

I agree (I think…), multiple spawn points would be nice. Goes hand-in-hand with a custom route builder option…

In the meantime, and in case you’re not aware, the fastest/shortest ways to get on to decent climbs are by choosing the Jungle Circuit and either following that until you make a manual turn for AdZ (<5km lead-in), OR immediately pull a U-turn, and turn off to the reverse Epic KOM (gives virtually no lead-in at all :scream:).

Just a small clarification… I agree that the quickest access to the climb up to the radio tower is from the Jungle Circuit spawn and immediately pulling a u-turn. However, you will not compete for the Reverse Epic KOM jersey or get credit for the Zwift Insider verified segment unless you first go left after passing through the gate, cross the bridge and descend to the bottom of the switch backs and hang another u-turn after passing by the starting line for the full ascent.

Ride on!

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I did not realise that, I just like riding uphill sometimes :man_shrugging::joy:

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