More routes with epic reverse

After 2 months on Zwift, I have to say it’s amazing!

Would love to see more routes with the epic reverse climb. Specifically, one with epic reverse, epic forward (incl radio tower), and AdZ (three mothers, possibly?). Then also a four horsemen route with epic reverse added. It’s a great climb, but the lack of routes makes it light on traffic.

Hi @Kyle_Lowder

Welcome to the forum.

It is a great climb, I don’t think the lack of routes is the issue, it is the fact that it goes up and most riders prefer flat routes.

don’t tell people how awesome it is so we can ride there with no traffic … :rofl: :rofl:

FYI, If you are just free riding, you can choose one of the jungle routes and immediately pull a U-turn to get to the bottom of the epic KOM (you may need to use manual turns to get there).