Ride up Epic Kom and then start Epic Kom reverse..immediatly

(John Bytheway ZHR E) #1

A quick idea to develop a large mountain route…for those that are wanting a lot bigger climb than we have.

How about just after the epic kom banner there is a tunnel that you can turn into and once in you pop out of another little tunnel at the base of the epic kom reverse…which then takes you all the way up to the mast…ok it might be a bit weird one second in the snow and then its all green again, but frankly it would not bother me if i now have a climb of around an hour to play on.

It would be nice to have its own listing as well say the Epic Double or something.

I only suggest it because i cannot see us getting a much bigger mountain to play on for a very long time so for the short term this may be a good solution for some!

(Pal Kristoffer Sorvoll) #2

Good request!

(Harry Papadimitriou Team AHDR) #3

Great idea

(Peter Sutton) #4

I would prefer a larger ( longer) mountain course, but this would certainly be nice!

(j shepherd palmeres (b)) #5

A longer climb is definitely in order