Fuego Flats Reverse

Why isnt there a route for fuego flats reverse, if you want to do the reverse segment you have to ride all the way out and back.

I guess because segments are different than routes? The same can be said for many segments in the game, like the Epic KOM or Titans Grove KOM, you can’t just start at the bottom of the climb, you need to ride over to it from any number of starting points.

for epic kom there are ways to get closer to start, but titans grove not really. but neither of them would be used as much as fuego flats reverse in my opinion.

As a counter to this, why do you want to do the FF Reverse segment? Most people I know want to do this as a sort of ‘time trial effort’, which is pretty intense. So doesn’t it seem like a good idea to start where it is presently set, so that the rider can get a warm-up before doing that segment?

I’d love to see a segment in both directions as it would make a great threshold training loop with 10-12min efforts with a turnaround at either end for a rest.