Fuego Flats Reverse Sprint not being clocked

In this new Sand and Sequoias route update I noticed that the start line for the Fuego Flats Reverse Sprint has changed and the segment is now a bit longer. I found this a bit odd and couldn´t find a reason for such a change.

But the problem I found is that while riding the Tempus Fugit course this segment FFR is not being clocked for the purpose of PR.

The Avatar crosses the start line right after turning left and right at the return point but the segment is not clocked.

One must manually turn Right at the end of Tempus Fugit, ride a bit and then do a U-turn. This way the Fuego Flats reverse is clocked normally as it was before.

Fred, you don’t work for Zwift so please don’t post misrepresenting yourself as you do.

Please read ALL the forum rules/guidelines.

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I noticed the same thing. Hopefully they resolve this glitch soon.

Fred, your response was rude and uncalled for and you do not represent any “we” as a collective.

Hey all!

Thank you for reporting this! Our QA and Dev team have identified the issue and we will be applying a fix in a future update.

Ride On.

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