What looped routes repeat when you complete?

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I’m trying to find routes that continue “looping” once you complete them, without having to navigate manually. Is this a thing? I think “Tempus Fugit” should do this. How about Astoria 8 in NYC?

@Anna_Ronkainen: you’d mentioned this elsewhere:

Am I reading that right there’s some manual turning involved to stay en-route there, after a lap is complete? (EDIT - OK, I see now Gotham Grind is “event only”… Astoria 8 should be continuous loops)

SOLVED (thanks to everyone) - if a route ends where it started, it should continue to loop without manual turns. The handful that don’t (many ending atop a KOM) just, well, “end.”

I would say that most routes continue looping when you complete them. There are a few that don’t, like anything that finishes at the top of AdZ, but most are loops that you would just continue ‘circling’ without having to make any manual turns.

When you are selecting a route in Zwift, if the start and finish are in the same place it will be a loop, in all likelihood.


Almost all routes are loops. It would be a shorter answer to say which routes don’t loop.


any route that goes in a circular direction will endlessly loop. Routes like climbers gambit, tour of fire and ice that end at the top of a KOM will not loop.

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Wow - thanks for the fast responses folks. Yeah, I see a few that don’t end where they start (Legends and Lava, almost anything going up a KOM) but most seem to reconnect. Cool cool - this helps for ride planning - just pick a shorter route that reconnects and keep riding.

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There is no route that “ends” in the same sense as many do e.g. in FulGaz. You can always keep riding beyond the end of the route (on mountaintop finishes you just ride around a loop and hit the descent), it’s just that with the non-loop routes the route after the finish can get a bit random, but of course you can make manual turns to remedy that.


I think it’s fair to say most routes in Zwift are automatic loops, an exception that spring’s to mind is Climber’s Gambit.

My goto for a bit of self punishment is New York’s Grand Central “Grand Central Circuit” Route Details (New York) | Zwift Insider , because it’s by far the closest resemblance to my rides in the UK South Downs hills between spring and autumn (up and down 250-600 foot hills). In a way, Grand Central reminds me of “<3 Beacon Hill” <3 Beacon Hill | Strava Ride Segment in Southampton, United Kingdom , a nasty little circuit of pain.

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According to my info, all routes are contiguous repeating loops except the following:

  • 2022 Bambino Fondo
  • 2022 Cycling Esports World Championships Route
  • 2022 Gran Fondo
  • 2022 Medio Fondo
  • Bambino Fondo
  • Climber’s Gambit
  • Dust In The Wind
  • Gran Fondo
  • Innsbruck KOM After Party
  • Keith Hill After Party
  • La Reine
  • Legends and Lava
  • Leith Hill After Party
  • London Loop with Box Hill Finish
  • Medio Fondo
  • NYC KOM After Party
  • Quatch Quest
  • Road to Sky
  • Sea to Tree
  • The PRL Full
  • The PRL Half
  • The Uber Pretzel
  • Tour of Fire and Ice
  • Valley to Mountaintop
  • Ven-Top
  • Volcano Climb After Party
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