What happens when a non-loop route is finished?

What does the navigation default back to?
Say you finish the Uber Pretzel at the top of ADZ and keep going… where will Zwift take you?
Does anyone know? Thanks!

The ER :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :ambulance: :hospital: :skull_and_crossbones:


It would make sense that it would take you back to the beginning if you didn’t hit any directional arrows, but I don’t know.

Even it did, the bigger question with the Uber Pretzel is what would happen once you got back to the Downtown banner? There’s no turn-around-loop there, so I imagine it would guide you in the direction of the Hilly Route Reverse?

Interesting…Now I have a mission for this weekend!

…but not the Uber Pretzel. Good heavens NOT that one…


Reason I ask is that I want to ride a double U.P. on Sat or Sun, but I certainly don’t want to bother with the navigation… I don’t mind finding my way back to the Downtown banner, but expect the navigation to default back to the selected route. It probably won’t though :frowning:
Anyway, does anyone have the turn-by-turn directions for the Uber Pretzel? :sweat_smile:

Hi guys,

This is actually a great question and one I didn’t know either so I asked the team about it. Apparently, once you complete a single-lap only route you get the “surprise me” feature.

I hope that answers your questions!

Ride On!


Is that the same as the Surprise Me option when selecting a route from the home screen before a ride?

I just did the Uber Pretzel last week and continued on to make it a Century. I recall once you come down the Alpe, the “auto route” gives you a right arrow to continue on deeper into the Jungle. Personally, I hate the place now “post resistance change” so I turned left to leave and did some more miles on pavement.

That’s all I can add with concern to the route in question.

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I have completed Road to Sky then continued for a bit longer a number of times. It is random. Sometimes it would turn me right at the bottom of the descent. Sometimes it would turn me left at the bottom of the descent. Once you complete such a route, you will have to manually navigate to return to the starting point.