If you select a preplanned route do you have to worry about turns?

Last night I was riding the preplanned Hilly Loop in Watopia and noticed that it was still giving me options to make turns.

My question is if I ignore the turn option and just keep going it will keep me on the preplanned route or do I need to know where to make specific turns?

If you do nothing (don’t select any turns) you will remain on the Hilly Route (for as many times around as you like) until your ride is done.


Thanks for the prompt reply!


What about non-looping routes like Uber Pretzel? What happens when I keep going? Planning on a double UP in a few days… thanks

I have no idea what would happen, the uber Pretzel is a long ride 128km that will be a long day.

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I know :slight_smile: I’ve ridden it several times. The question is then what does the Zwift navigation default to, once a non-looping route is complete?