Connecting two different loops or routes

Sometimes I just like to ride, more or less randomly. Other times, I like to pick a specific loop or route - something that’s fairly predictable when I have limited time. But there are times I’d like to ride a long loop or route but the longest ones on Watopia also have a lot of climbing and I’m not always in the mood for a lot of climbing. I’d like to be able to choose - in advance of the ride - one or two (or three or four) different routes or loops that I could string together to give a more balanced ride - some flats, some hard hills, some in-between.

I might not be in the mood for doing Mountain 8 twice or The Pretzel once but I might want a long ride - say, Mountain 8 plus Figure 8 plus Flat. I’d get just about the same distance as The Pretzel but with a mix of terrain.

Make sure you vote up the similar requests for this so Zwift knows what the users want.

Excellent suggestion. I find that all long courses on zwift have a lot of climbing and I am also not always in the mood for a climb but more of a long spin session. I’m training for a half ironman right now but the course I’m doing doesn’t have a lot of climbing so I would like to be able to cycle up to 100km with only 200-300 meters of climbing by pre selecting my route.