Routes when riding for a really, really long time

Hi all

I’m planning a 2020 minute bike ride next year which is 34 hours. What is the easiest way of mixing up my routes? If I select “join nearby group riders” in the route menu does that drop me into a group and effectively just select that route or does it jump between groups to take me all over the map? I suppose I could follow the uber pretzel lots of times?! I know I can change routes at intersections but we are going to share the riding and some of those haven’t ridden Zwift before so I don’t want to complicate it for them. The alternative is to follow Sand and Sequoias as it has a few bumps, some nice scenery and it flat and easy for beginners.

i have found that “nearby riders” almost always puts me on the flat route around watopia or through the flat part of the desert and the flat route around watopia. people love to ride those flat routes!