Plan a group ride on multiple routes

I now lead a couple of group rides each week and would like to use some of the shorter routes, but do not want to have to ride round and round in circles as I suspect some riders would loos interst. Is there any way to combine routes or sections of route when building a group ride? I have ridden other organised events where this seems to have happened but not found any option myself. Thanks

I’m afraid not. Why do you want to use only the shorter routes?

Hi Steve. We have ridden most of the routes now but thought if I could combine routes in different orders each week I could create a greater variety of routes to help vary the terrain and stimulate and motive my riders more. The problem is there are so many short routes of <12km and I would like to utilize them more

Fair enough. There are several threads in the Feature Requests forum asking for custom route builders, so you might like to vote up one of those.

will do : )