Selecting multiple routes in order of my choosing.

I would like the ability to select several ride routes in the order of my choosing instead of having to change the directions manually on my phone.

I don’t like having to constantly touch my computer with my sweaty hands, (hazard) so just adding another route would be great.

Plus, when you want to go for a long ride, it would be nice to be able to combine routes for a specific total mileage.

Being able to link routes seamlessly together would be a nice option. For example, my ideal longer London ride would be Triple Loops followed by Reverse Triple Loops (not that this exists yet): extended warmup, plenty of hills, extended cooldown. It would be preferable to have the ability to set this sequence up before starting my ride.

As a finer point: where two routes are selected with start points that are reasonably close together but not identical, the system should calculate the shortest route between the two to link them up.