Multiple Route Option - Commencement of a ride

Is there a function in Zwift where you can pick multiple routes at the commencement of your ride?

A lot of riders seem to ride more km’s than the first route they have selected and this is evident in the new world like NYC(The longest route is 34km). This would save you from manually doing this once you complete the route you have selected.

An example for Watopia when commencing could be:

  • Select 1st Route: Three sisters
    (once you have finished the three sisters, Zwift will automatically start you on the next route and in this example it would be the Volcano Flat Loop)
  • Select 2nd Route: Volcano Flat Loop
  • Select 3rd Route: Jungle Loop

I know that to have multiple route options, there would need to be some linking of the start points as they are not all the same (but I am sure the people at Zwift could do this)

No. Been requested numerous times before.


YES! That is exactly what I want to do today. I hope the Zwift people figure this out.

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