Multiples routes per Zwift ride

(Apologies if this post is duplicated, I did browse the list of current topics but didn’t come across anything similar)

It’d be great if Zwift integrated a feature which allowed a rider to select another Zwift route during a ride, once you’ve completed your current route. For example, Chain Chomper and Countryside Tour, on Makuria Island, are both relatively short rides, and I’d likely do them both in one sitting, but for Zwift to recognise I’ve done both of these routes, I have to end my first ride, save it, and then start a new ride. It would be great if Zwift could provide an option to select a new route once your current route is finished. I understand you probably won’t finish your current ride near the start of a new route, but that could just be solved by riding to the start of the next chosen route… similar to the role of a SatNav, routing you from your current destination to the start of the new route you’d like to do.

This would be an amazing feature. For most of my routes, I like to do a lot climbing, and it’d be great to combine some of their smaller routes together, officially. Similarly, if someone has a change of heart during their ride, for example, their legs can’t take the climbing and they’d prefer a flatter route, it’d be great if they could re-route to a flatter route - I know a friend who came across this problem recently, and had to end the ride, save it, and restart the ride on a flatter route. If were outside, I wouldn’t restart my Garmin, I’d just change my route during my ride; it would be great if I could replicate this behaviour on Zwift.

I know you have the option to change direction during your ride, but I don’t know the route off by heart, so I can’t play the role of SatNav to direct myself to the start of a new Zwift route. Also, if by chance you were to do this, Zwift doesn’t recognise if you complete an additional, official Zwift route, because you haven’t selected it from the route menu when setting up your ride.

u’re still lucky some time ago I still remember you had to quit the whole game, sorry I can’t rly solve the issue but just think it still could’ve been worse

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This would be so useful, especially with the shorter routes. Cycling between the end of one route and the start of another is quite a nice idea too :slight_smile:

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Zwift just introduced the save without Exit for this reason. I did all the new Map rides back to back on Saturday, it was very easy with the new save option.

I would prefer Zwift have a big map option so people can navigate. I have a big map that I can bring up on my second screen. In the beginning we would print Zwift maps and hang it on the wall.

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This has been requested many times before. See:

Search for “plan route”

All you can do at the moment is ‘End ride’, then the option to ‘Save’, after which your ride is saved as an individual activity, and you have to start a ride again to do a different route. There is no option to do multiple routes during one ride, and have Zwift recognise the second route as an official ‘Zwift route’.

Yes you understand it correctly, it is saved and 8 different rides. This is only important this first time when you want the badges. The next time I ride that map I will just make manual turns like I do IRL and go over the map where I want and save as one long ride.

Zwift has to split the ride because they use spawn points to start a “Route” if you are not on that exact spot the gps signal will be wrong going to strava and all other analytic software we as cyclists use. Like when you go for a IRL ride and you turn your gps off for 10 min and then turn it back on.

The first time doing a route is very important! It’s annoying to interrupt your rythm, and start another route. Especially if you have to climb off the bike to get to the keyboard like I do.

Also, I’m not sure how many people know their way around Zwift that well. I’ve been riding for months and I certainly couldn’t navigate between two of them. Also, keep in mind those of us who don’t have keyboards/companion app within easy reach whilst on the bike.

The workarounds listed almost get what is requested here, but don’t do the auto-navigation (I like to switch my brain off). They also don’t help in the situation with completing routes which I feel is a reasonable part of the game for some.

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