Switch route when complete one route

Hope to let user select the route when they riding / finish current route to get more badges without end the current riding.
For example i riding Lutscher route and i done the route and getting the badge already, I would like to do Lutscher CCW in same event without end the ride,
it could be navigate me to new route starting point without “teleport”, i think this would reasonable.

Then i can complete Strava 100km Gran Fondo challenge in Zwift, and have double fun !

I was coming here to suggest something similar. My example was going to be completing the figure 8 then being able to ride straight into the Hilly Route like I did the other day.

An extension of this would be being able to select multiple routes to complete is a ride.

you can use the meetup feature to do this…just do a route, just prior to finishing, create a meetup route (you do have to invite someone but they don’t need to attend - I use a dummy account), ride meetup route, prior to finishing create aother etc. it’s a workaround sure, but it does work. Great when tyring to get a lot of the shorter routes in.