Finishing a route and then starting another one

Hello I’ve read numerous subjects kind of about this frustration and agree with the comments.
Having knowledge you are actually active on a route and its not a free ride would be great as its always at the back of your mind and a progress tracker is a no brainier.

There are times I want to ride multiple routes a warm up and then hard session and I want the extra route completion XP if I’m trying to catch up a friends XP for bragging rights. But on my laptop I hit the menu and can only choose training workouts or end the ride and have no option to select another route. When I select end route all i can do is just save and exit or trash the route. When I save and exit I have to reload the program again seems like its missing some basic user interface.

In general Zwift is awesome, it exceeds any workout I could do on my own, however some of the user interface options need a significant up grades, such as

  1. What I mentioned with route selection
  2. Event filtering needs time/distance/course/brand (if you are trying to complete a series) Zwifthacks and Zwiftpower help out but are not always 100% accurate and are not integrated.
  3. HUD upgrade average power / average speed that is what drives us to go faster.
  4. On the sprints / KOM its possible to project the end time, can this be done on other routes? Surely its just distance left / average speed + time so far. This would be a great help for getting new PR’s.
  1. Allow Saves Without Exit
  3. HUD Customisation
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Thanks Paul

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