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Hi all. My first post here so take it easy! :slight_smile:

I have had less than a dozen rides so far and about half are with Zwiftpower. Once you finish one of their rides, the screen comes up to say it is complete and I guess all the stats are based on what you have just done so you can comfortably warm down without losing your wonderful 14mph record!

But the courses within Zwift, although they state a very precise distance, I am struggling a little with. I get to what I think is the end, but nothing happens. So I end up cycling either too far or not far enough and I would assume unless I immediately close the program down then my warm down is going to be included in my stats and ruin my 14mph average :slight_smile:

Any help would be very much appreciated.


Hi @Richard_Clarke_PACK, welcome to the forums!

Zwiftpower is a website, just recently taken over by Zwift HQ (it was started by community members to give racing on Zwift more regulation by enforcing categories and filtering out sandbaggers). So when you say these rides are with Zwiftpower, do you mean they are races or events that you signed up for?

All the routes on Zwift do have a set distance, but if you are just free riding (not an event or race) then you will not be given any results page when you finish the route, you can keep riding as long as you want.

The first time you complete a route, you will see a banner at the bottom of the screen saying that you finished a route and it gives you an achievement badge and extra XP. This only happens the first time you complete that specific route. Almost all routes will start and end at one of the banners, at the end of a sprint section, top of a KOM, or the downtown banner etc. You will want to understand the lead-in distances for routes, and that can be found on with a complete list of all routes and distances.

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Thanks for the reply Mike.

Yes I mean I sign up with rides on Zwiftpower.

I did a ride earlier on Zwift, one of the Watopia routes that I think was 12.4 miles. From 12 miles onwards I looked so hard to see if there was any kind of marker to say I had completed that route but I saw nothing. So just to have something to compare it to next time, I went on to 13 miles.

When you say a banner, do you mean one of those arch things that span the road? Or am I just missing something obvious?

I have read quite a lot on Zwifinsider but will go take another look for the specific course I did today. Sand and something or other. :slight_smile:

yes, exactly!

Sand and Sequoias


Your actual spawn location will be before the start pens, but the actual route doesn’t begin until you’re up the road a bit, crossing the rock arch start/finish line. This is also the end of the route.

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Yea just had a read and think I need to be more observant 'cos I don’t remember seeing any arch start or finish lol.

So does this mean your times and stats etc., will actually not include any warm-up or warm-down if you continue to ride past the finish location? Or if you warm down for 5 mins then this is included in stats?

All of your time and distance will be included in your ride report after a free ride (non-event or race). If you use Strava or something similar, you can compare segments over time if that is what you are looking for.

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Ok thanks, at least I know where to stop :slight_smile: